Kitchen Haiku

This redesigned poetic kitchen makes us feel positively Zen-like.

Story by Jacqueline Jensen Ryan 
After photographs by
Brian Francis


True to its 1970s split-level styling, this tiny 200-square-foot kitchen was walled off from the dining and living areas, leaving all three areas pinched and aesthetically unfulfilled. Designer Rick Baye says his client, Dave Anderson, wanted a beautiful light-filled kitchen in its place, with all appliances sight-unseen. Fortunately, Anderson found exactly what he wanted in Baye’s own kitchen—so he asked for a carbon copy.


Flattered, Baye adapted his own construction drawings to Anderson’s needs, reproportioning and resizing everything. Baye “cleaned up” the kitchen by hiding the refrigerator, freezers, oven, microwave and pantry behind a full wall of cabinet doors. Lost counter space was regained on an island that replaced the two interior walls. (Anderson did the demolition himself, bringing in friends to tear out the walls.) The key to the kitchen’s beauty is clean lines, consistency of volumes and large proportions. “People need to look at what they’re using and how they use it every day—
[then] edit it down to the very basics,” Baye
advises. “If I had to do it all over again,
would do exactly the same thing,” says
his satisfied client.

Design Details

Interior Designer: Rick Baye, Rick Baye Design, (206) 721-7981