Room for Everyone

A tiny, outdated kitchen gets a big makeover, perfect for entertaining

Story by Schraepfer Harvey
Photography by Sam Van Fleet Photography

The Challenge

Worn vinyl flooring, a tiny double sink, outmoded cupboards and small counters made this West Seattle kitchen too small for two, according to design-build remodeler Donna Shirey of Shirey Contracting, Inc. With the fridge around the corner from the kitchen, by the back door, “you could either use the door or use the fridge, not both,” says homeowner Jessica Scheibach. It was a one-function-at-a-time kitchen. “They needed more counters,” Shirey says. “They needed more room.”

The Solution

To open up the kitchen, Shirey moved a set of basement stairs and tore down walls. She replaced one wall with a custom glass-and-steel bar next to a new Wolf gas range and modern ventilation hood. A stainless steel sink and counters reflect overhead and under-cabinet lighting. New cabinets hang about a foot below the plaster ceiling, which was raised to make the kitchen appear larger. Recycled, eco-friendly 3form panels, the sliding doors of new decorative and storage shelving, enliven the kitchen with fresh colors. Hardwood replaced vinyl for floors that now match neighboring rooms and make the kitchen feel like part of the house. The new kitchen is “great for entertaining,” Scheibach says. “Friends can hang out in the living room and be a part of the kitchen activities.”

Design Details

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