A Shore Thing

This Mercer Island waterfront home melds contemporary style with a perfect location

Story by Heather J. Paper
Photography by Michael Jensen

No real estate clichés here — location is everything, and this Mercer Island residence proves it. A stunning view of Lake Washington wasn’t enough for these homeowners; they knew they could settle for nothing less than a home so close to the water they could touch it.

Their interior designer, Betty Blount, first worked with the couple about 10 years ago on another house. It was then that they expressed their dream of finding a waterfront home. “When we find that, we will call you,” they promised Blount.

Ultimately, they found the perfect location and, as promised, called Blount, who helped find the one missing puzzle piece: architect Regan McClellan, with whom Blount shares office space. The couple’s last home was quite traditional, and this time they wanted something different. Blount recommended McClellan, knowing that he had a bent for contemporary design — and that she and the Harvard-trained architect made a good team.

“Right away, the location really got me excited,” McClellan admits. He knew a contemporary residence would be a perfect fit. “Contemporary design gives you so much more freedom; it allows you to respond to all sorts of needs and situations. I really appreciate the fluidity.”

For the full story and more photos of this waterfront home, see the August issue of Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, on newsstands through August 2006.

Design Details

Regan McClellan, AIA; Ross Ishikawa
McClellan Architects
(206) 728-0480

Interior Design
Betty Blount
Zena Design Group
(206) 622-9112

Landscape Design
Regan McClellan, AIA, with Lisa Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer Landscaping, Inc.
(206) 781-7113

Structural Engineer
Gary Gill, S.E., P.E.
Coffman Engineers
(206) 623-0717

Tom Jergens
Jergens Construction Co., Inc.
(206) 953-9606

For more resource information, see the July/August 2006 issue of Seattle Homes & Lifestyles.