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Caution: However small or large your bee problem is, always let a professional bee control company handle it. Look only for licensed bee removal services and prevent your home and garden from the dangers of bee infestation. Did you just see a beehive at a corner of your porch, or on a tree in your garden? You might be wondering whether you should let it be or have it removed. While bees are great friends of the environment owing to their pollination capabilities, they can be a nuisance when they make themselves at home where you live. But before you call an exterminator, read on to know more about honey bees.

Castes of Bees

Honey bees live in colonies, as you may have guessed when looking at beehives. They have specific tasks designated for different castes within that colony. A honey bee colony typically comprises a queen bee, several worker bees, and some drone bees. Here is what each of them brings to their respective colony.

honey bees

Queen Bee

The queen bee is visibly larger than the other bees. She is the on responsible for laying eggs and communicating with the other bees about their roles and responsibilities. She is the only female bee that can produce eggs, while all the other female bees are worker bees. Based on the structure of the other bees, the queen decides their job, for instance, whether they are fit for bringing back nectar or building the honeycomb.

Worker Bee

Countless worker bees are found in a beehive. They are the smaller ones who pollinate flowers, gather nectar, build the hive, take care of the larvae, and protect their borders. They are usually female but cannot lay any eggs. If the beehive you are looking at has been there for some time, it will not be surprising if there are more than 50000 worker bees in there. They work from dawn to dusk at their respective jobs and keep the colony strong.

Drone Bee

Drones are male bees and are larger than worker bees. They are fewer in number because they do not perform any of the work done by worker bees. Instead, their only job is to mate with the queen bee of the hive. Drone bees do not get out of the hive because they have no stinging power. They are also unable to fend for themselves. It is again down to the worker bees to feed and protect the drones until the queen has been raised.

Africanized Bees

Most honey bees originated from the European continent but one species came from the cross-breeding of European and African bees. Although they produce excellent honey, they get the bad name of “killer bees” because they tend to be more aggressive than European honey bees. If you try to disturb a beehive built by Africanized bees, they may attack you violently. This kind of bees are commonly seen in Florida, so if that is where you live, you may have come across several beehives built by this species.

Getting Rid of Bees

No matter how good bees are for the environment, they can be dangerous if they have made themselves a hive within your premises. Bees can sting and can be harmful to kids and pets. Having said that, you should not attempt to get rid of bees by yourself. While there is an eco-friendly option to remove and relocate beehives, sometimes, especially in the case of killer bees, eradication is the only option.