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Get your hands dirty at a delightful array of gardening seminars, classes and events.


Garden Planner

June 2-3

Puget Sound gardeners will not want to miss Emery’s Garden’s workshop “Groundcover Weekend,” covering the versatility and durability of ground cover plants. Admission is free. Details: (425) 743-4555.

June 7-10

Learn how to apply permaculture—a system of agriculture that focuses on creating sustainable and natural environments—to the urban garden with Seattle Tilth’s “Creating Garden Harmony: A Permaculture Worshop for the Urban Dweller.” Tickets are $12. Details: (206) 633-0451.

June 9

Introducing more than 150 roses bred to combine the fragrance and forms of Old-World heirloom roses with the wide color range and repeat bloom of modern hybrids, the “English Roses for Northwest Gardens” seminar, presented by Sky Nursery, provides care tips and technical advice on rose selection. Admission is free. Details: (206) 546-4851.

June 10

Be inspired to create a small-space garden that changes with the seasons and delights the eye at Swanson’s Nursery’s garden-design workshop. Admission is free. Details: (206) 782-2543.

June 13

Combine clever planting with space and proportion in “Making the Modern Garden,” presented by the Northwest Horticulture Society. The class provides an overview of the best modern and minimalist gardens and their inspirations. Tickets are $10. Details: (206) 780-8172.

June 16

PlantAmnesty presents a fruit tree-pruning workshop. Sign up for a morning of instruction and an afternoon of live fruit tree-pruning demonstrations in small groups. Tickets are $25-$30. Details: (206) 783-9813.

June 17

At Dig Nursery’s workshop on aquatic beauties, learn about the most indispensable element in the garden: water. Admission is free. Details: (206) 463-5096.

June 19

Learn how to harvest year-round with Washington State University Snohomish County Extension’s kitchen garden class. The workshop provides helpful tips, harvest hints and different varieties of vegetables to plant during the summer for fall, winter and early spring harvests. Tickets are $35. Details: (425) 338-2400.

June 27

Conserve water in the garden with helpful tips on irrigation systems, soil, plants and compost. “Water Saving in the Garden” is presented by the Center for Urban Horticulture. Tickets are $30. Details: (206) 543-8616.