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Easy Tips To Start A Backyard Garden

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Starting a garden at home is not easy, but with the right methods and discipline, you can reap the fruits of hard work in no time. Everything is now possible with gardening tools and the right gardening products, from floral gardens to vegetable farming. As a beginner, you can struggle to find the right methods to start gardening. But when you break down your gardening project into small tasks, it will ease your backyard gardening. If you are planning to start your backyard gardening today, it is only a matter of time that you can get good results when you follow these steps.

Know what you are planting

Decide what plants you want to and can grow in your backyard, from vegetables to flowers and herbs. Based on your choice of plants, you should see whether your garden meets the requirements to grow them. Understand your backyard’s topology to make sure that it is suitable for the type of plants you want to grow. One easy way is to start small, and then make changes in your gardening based on your results.

Pick a spot

Pick a spot

Are you planning to covert your entire backyard into a vegetable garden? Or you want to use only a space of it to try out your hobby? You need to make sure that the spot you choose for gardening has at least 6-8 hours of sunlight that most of the vegetables and flowers will require. It is not a  problem if your garden is shady. You can still grow herbs such as ferns and hostas that can grow without sunlight. Take the help of a local gardener to pick the right place for your garden.

Clear the ground

When you are ready to dig, check that everything around is cleaned properly and has a designated boundary. Clean up the weed and unnecessary sod that is covering the gardening area. Slice under the sod and create slices to make it easier for them to be removed. You can use this for creating compost later. When you are starting early, cover the entire garden area with five sheets of newspaper and cover it with compost at least five months before. Wait for the newspaper to decompose to give you a rich bed ready for gardening.

Treat the soil

Treat the soil

The vegetables can use as much fertile soil as possible. Sometimes the soil can be too acidic, alkaline, wet, or just poor quality. You can add more organic matter to it and fill at least 2-3 inches of layer (leaves, dry grass, old manure, and compost products). If you do not want to dig the bed to add the organic matter, simply spread it over and wait for it to settle down and become one with the soil. Earthworms will do most of the mixing of compost with the soil. Take samples from your soil for testing to find out how good it is for gardening.

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